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S3SQL & SecoBackup Pricing

SecoBackup Community Edition is free. Perpetually. You only pay for storage to Amazon S3 directly to Amazon.

S3SQL Community Edition is free. Perpetually. There are no restrictions or limits on use. You may backup any number of databases and any size of databases. Other than MySQL, no additional software is needed. Installation is simple - it takes only a few minutes for most customers. If you like support, please upgrade to the enterprise edition. You will need to pay for the storage you use at Amazon S3 (to Amazon AWS directly). The price of storage is so cheap, that it leaves no excuse to not do remote backups of MySQL any longer. Give yourself peace of mind for less and pay less than a coffee a month! It takes only a few minutes to setup.

S3SQL Enterprise Edition pricing:

License & Support: $10 each per month

SecoVault has partnered with Amazon AWS LLC to provide online storage through Amazon S3:

Storage: $0.20 / GB per month
Bandwidth: $0.20 / GB

All billing and credit card processing is directly handled through your account.

You will need one license per business entity. You may back up as many databases or unlimited amounts of data per license. Accounts are billed monthly by Amazon AWS LLC.

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