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SecoVault LLC, Privacy Policy

We value your privacy and do not disclose the information we collect to any third party. This information is used to observe usage, operations and improving our functionality of the software and web site design. The privacy policy applies to all products, services and web sites that are offered by SecoVault LLC.

What information we collect: We automatically record information when you visit our website or use our products, the URL, IP address, version, feature usage and date and time of your request. When you visit our website, we might ask you for personal information. This information will be used solely by us for offering you any additional services as well as to improve our quality of services and software.

How we use this information: This information will be used for recording feature usage that helps us in improving functionality of the software and the web site. This will not be disclosed to any third party.

We strongly believe that privacy is best achieved by collecting as little information as possible. SecoVault LLC does not acquire any billing information (credit card billing for Amazon S3 storage and Enterprise License is managed completely by, and is not shared by with us). SecoVault LLC also does not require the users to register with our web site or provide an email address in order to access any content or software from our web site.